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1 day left! WBSA Board of Director Nominations

Hi WBSA Families,

There is one day left to submit your name for the WBSA board! We need your help to continue to build on the previous season.

Those interested in putting their name in for consideration should submit their name to Scott Sullivan, our VP of Baseball at  by the end of the day, September 2nd.

Our open election meeting will be on Tuesday, September 29th. We encourage any WBSA member in good standing to come to the meeting and vote for the new board. The time and location will be determined as we work to ensure our open meeting follows state protocols/covid safety.

Contact:   to submit your name for the board.

Here is a list of the 26 WBSA Board of Director positions and a brief description of each:

Executive (E) Board positions

President - oversees all operations of the league, is the primary contact for Little League International, for town officials, other Whitman youth organizations and other surround towns, handles parent complaints, works with town leadership on events for the league

Vice President of Baseball - Oversees the operation of all levels of baseball, works closely with the President

Vice President of Softball - Oversees the operation of all levels of softball, works closely with the President

Secretary - takes meeting minutes, books rooms for meetings, works with President on outside correspondences

Treasurer - handles all funds via payment of bills, collection of user fees and works with the President on any financial issues

Player Agent - registers players, makes rosters, holds team drafts, handles all player issues with the help of the President


Non-E-Board positions

Level Directors (11); Junior Director of Baseball, Junior Director of Softball, Major League Baseball Director, Major League Softball Director, Minor League Baseball Director, Minor League Softball Director, Farm Baseball Director, Farm Softball Director, Instructional/4-Year-Old T-Ball Director, Instructional Softball Director, Fall Ball Director.

**All positions are the primary contact for each baseball or softball level.  Direct each league/level by recruiting coaches, help in making schedules and working with umpires.

**Fall Ball Director oversees the entire Fall Ball League with the help of divisional directors and other Board of Director members

Scheduling Director - primary contact for scheduling all levels during the spring and summer seasons.  Works with all coaches to schedule practices and reschedule games.

Field Maintenance Director - oversees the cleaning, maintenance and preparing of the fields.  Orders field use supplies, works with the Town of Whitman on field care.

Concession Stand Director - oversees the use, cleanliness and scheduling of snack shack volunteer help. Also responsible for inventory and replenishing snack shack food and supplies.

Fundraising Director - oversees fundraising efforts by coordinating family friendly events and parent events to bring in revenue for the league

Web Master - oversees the use and maintenance of wbsall.com  Posts league correspondence, updates information, and helps with troubleshooting the site for board members and families.

Safety Director - oversees the safety of the league by preparing a yearly action plan.  Makes sure that the facilities and grounds are safe for the children to play on.  Is the primary contact for accidents and injuries to players and families while participating in WBSA.

Umpire In Chief Baseball and Umpire in Chief Softball - both positions are to coordinate youth umpires to work games.  They run clinics for the youth umpires.  They are also responsible for payment of both professional and youth umpires.

Past President - the prior year’s president serves on the BOD as an advisor to the league.  He or she does not have voting rights.


Thank you for your support in making next season a great one!


by posted 09/18/2020
Disciplinary Meeting

WBSA would like to announce a special disciplinary meeting to address official complaints filed against John Graham. This meeting will take place Thursday, September 24, 2020 from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm at Knights of Columbus Hall, 1195 Bedford St. Whitman. Meeting will be in the room next to the lounge. Masks are required to be worn by all in attendance. All WBSA board members should consider this a mandatory meeting. Also invited to the meeting (referred to in this message as “guests”) are non-board members who have filed written complaints against Mr. Graham in the the past board year. Due to Covid and also the subject matter, this meeting is restricted to only those mentioned above; it is not an open meeting. Vice President of baseball Scott Sullivan will run the meeting. The agenda of this meeting will be as follows:

•Confirmation that minutes of the meeting are being taken by the secretary or other board member.
•Introduction and summary of complaints against John Graham.
•Opportunity for each member and guest who has filed a complaint to present their complaint before the board and other guests.
•Other complaints (by people who may not be in attendance) which were officially filed will be read before the board and other guests.
•Opportunity for John Graham to address any or all complaints against him before the board and
other guests.
•Opportunity for any board member to make any motions and for any other board member to second that motion.
•If any motions are made and seconded, an anonymous vote will be conducted using marked pieces of paper which will be collected and tallied by Vice President of Baseball Scott Sullivan.
•Results of the vote will be stated.
•Disciplinary actions, if necessary, will be outlined.

Scott Sullivan, VP Baseball, WBSA

by posted 09/16/2020
Field Status
anytown - anytown OPEN (9/22) 
Batting Cages - Whitman TBD (9/22) 
Concession Middle School - Whitman TBD (9/22) 
Conley A - Whitman OPEN (9/22) 
Conley B - Whitman OPEN (9/22) 
HANSON LZ Field - Hanson OPEN (9/22) 
Memorial Field - Whitman OPEN (9/22) 
MS batting cages - whitman OPEN (9/22) 
MS1 - Whitman OPEN (9/22) 
MS2 - Whitman OPEN (9/22) 
Robinson Field - Hanson OPEN (9/22) 
SB1 - Whitman OPEN (9/22) 
SB2 - Whitman OPEN (9/22) 
Town Park - Whitman OPEN (9/22)