Whitman Youth Baseball

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fields closed tonight

all Whitman fields are closed tonight, umpires have been contacted, please reschedule any games ASAP

by posted 05/05/2021
Whitman Fields Closed Today 5/5



With imminent rain in the forecast and current wet field conditions all Whitman fields are closed today! Enjoy the rest of your day and we will get back at it when the rains clear!


Rookies: Saturday at 9:30a

Minors: Pitchers clinic Thursday 630p 

Majors: Reschedule your canceled game asap (I've canceled todays umpire)

Juniors: If you're away today please contact the opposing coach for status (I've canceled todays Whitman umpires)



Dave Martin

























by posted 05/05/2021
Whitman Little League

Attention all 2021 teams (parents),

As our first games are upon us I want to thank all parents who have chose for their children to play Whitman Little League. WLL was established in 1952 and is one of the oldest youth organizations on the South Shore. It's WLL's goal to ensure all children are inclusive of opportunity and enjoy their experience participating in youth baseball. It is also my personal goal to ensure all kids are having fun and learning and improving upon the fundamentals of baseball. If for any reason you need to reach out to me during the season, please feel free (you know where to find me).


It's a regular tradition for all players to donate at least a 12 pack of Powerade/Gatorade/Soda or case of water to our concession stand. Please have your player bring this to their first game. The monies raised from our concessions go a long way to  providing our players with the best possible experience.


Please parents distance yourself from your children while they're actively participating in games or practices. Also please wear masks at all times while at our facilities and practice appropriate social distancing!


This year our snack shack as been relocated to our previously used equipment shed at the center of the MS facility. Here we will offer prepackaged items, cold drinks and ice cream. Please support our snack shed throughout the 2021 season!



Thanks everyone and play ball!


Dave Martin


508 562 2568

by posted 04/25/2021
WBSA BOD MEETING 11.10.2020 Meeting Minutes

Hi Everyone,

Here are the meeting minutes for the last meeting of the WBSA Board of Directors.





by posted 11/13/2020
WBSA Board of Directors Meeng 13 Oct 2020

The meeting starts at 1910 hours.

Members present : John Bergeron, Paul Cappelletti, Chris George, Patrick Mclaughlin, Alyssa Soper, Dan Cingolani, Ryan Kershner, Dave Martin

Members absent : Julie Cappelletti, Mike Soper, Anthony Fitzmaurice, Rick Jernstedt

Conversation about positions and roles within the league

Dave Martin nominates John Bergeron for Treasurer seconded by Ryan Kershner. Motion passed

Dave Martin nominates Ryan Kershner for Webmaster, secondary position as Field Scheduling Coordinator, seconded by Chris George. Motion passed

Chris George nominates Patrick McLaughlin for secretary seconded by Alyssa Soper. Motion passed

Paul Cappelletti nominates Rick Jernstedt as Majors Minors director, seconded by John Bergeron. Motion passed

Dave Martin nominates Dan Cingolani as Field Maintenance/Equipment manager seconded by John Bergeron. Motion passed

Dave Martin nominates Paul Cappelletti as Players Agent, secondary as Fall Ball Director, seconded by John Bergeron. Motion Passed

John Bergeron nominated Dave Martin to be VP Baseball and Umpire in Chief of Baseball seconded by Chris George. Motion passed

Dave Martin nominates Chris George as the Compliance and Safety Director, as well as PR person, seconded by John Bergeron. Motion passed

Dave Martin nominates Alyssa Soper for Junior Baseball Director seconded by Chris George. Motion passed

Dave Martin nominates Julie Cappelletti for Concession Director seconded by John Bergeron. Motion passed

Patrick McLaughlin nominates Mike Soper as Field Scheduling Coordinator seconded by Chris George. Motion passed

Dave Martin nominates Anthony Fitzmaurice as Fall Ball Director, seconded by John Bergeron. Motion passed

2025 The board identifies that we are without a President. Dave Martin as V.P. will act as President

John Bergeron states he will be meeting with prior Treasurer, Andrea Cafferty, within the next week, week of 23 October 2020.

Tentatively scheduled the next meeting for 10 Nov 2020

At 2045 Dave Martin makes a motion to adjourn seconded by Patrick McLaughlin. The motion passed


Download Minutes


by posted 10/23/2020
Thanks for a great 2020 Season!

Thanks to the players, families, coaches, and volunteers for a great 2020 season! We look forward to 2021!




by posted 09/29/2020