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4 Year Old T-Ball program - still in need of players
by posted 08/31/2014

WBSA is still looking to round out the fall 4 Year Old T-Ball program.  If your child is born between 5-1-09 and 4-30-10, they are eligible for this fun and educational introduction into baseball.  The fee is $50 per player.

Registration is still open as well as opportunities to coach.  Opening day for this program is Sunday, September 7 at 9 a.m. at the Conley Elementary School.  

If anyone has questions, please contact WBSA Player Agent Diane Schwede at wbsaplayersagent@gmail.com or Instructional Director Mark Spadorcia at mspadorcia13@gmail.com

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BOD 2015 Elections
by posted 08/24/2014

Please find below a current list of potential candidates for the 2015 WBSA Board of Directors. If you would like to add your name as a candidate please do so no later than August 31st by emailing . Our elections will be held Sunday September 7th @ The Knights of Columbus from 6:00-7:00 pm with the monthly BOD meeting immediately following. Thank You!


Mark Spadorcia        Tom Shannon         Kevin Cleary

Scott Sullivan           Ralph Goodick        David Henderson

Chrissy Goodick       Kevin Briggs           Joseph Boss

Brian Schwede         Andrea Cafferty      Mike Kenney

Dan Desmond          Dan Driscoll            Dan Herlihy               

Ted Coleran              Al Cafferty              Tom Meehan              

Diane Schwede        Kristine Nicholson   Jeff Nicholson

Jason Flebotte         Diana Flebotte        Marci Moulton

Bob Coulter              Greg Googins          Mike Cook

Rob Baker                Kirstin Ruffini          Lynn Mahon

Paul Ruggere           Dan Politano            Robin Hamilton

Nicole Sturgeon       John Sturgeon         Deb Holmes

Doug Holmes           Amy Desmond          Erin Coulter

Rob Laing



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Fall Ball Registration and Coaches
by posted 08/19/2014

Good evening WBSA families. Just a reminder that if you have not yet registered your child and are planning to do so, fall ball registration is closing this Friday August 22nd. You can register at www.wbsall.com. We are also still in need of minor and major league coaches. If you are interested in coaching please email our fall ball director Greg Googins @   by Thursday. Thank You!

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Online Store
by posted 05/02/2014

WBSA is happy to announce the opening of our new online store. Please check out the great selection of apparel we have for baseball and softball. 20% of each item ordered goes back to the league and help support our kids and program. You can click on the "online store" link to the left to get started. Happy shopping!!

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