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Update from the Govenor

Hello WBSA Families & Friends,

Great news! The Governor has just released the rules for the next phase concerning sporting events.

Sporting Event Rules

In terms of social distancing rules, they will remain the same.

  • Enter and drop off your child by the benches near the concession stand

  • Leave the fields by the batting cage

  • During games, areas will be signed and designated for the players. We will not be using the dugouts for the full team


As a last note, we cannot stress how important it is for parents and spectators to spread out. We request that everyone use all available areas, including beyond the outfields, to watch your players. We appreciate your help and cooperation on this.


Thanks and have a great 4th of July!



by posted 07/03/2020
Field Status
anytown - anytown OPEN (7/13) 
Batting Cages - Whitman TBD (7/13) 
Concession Middle School - Whitman TBD (7/13) 
Conley A - Whitman OPEN (7/13) 
Conley B - Whitman OPEN (7/13) 
HANSON LZ Field - Hanson OPEN (7/13) 
Memorial Field - Whitman OPEN (7/13) 
MS batting cages - whitman OPEN (7/13) 
MS1 - Whitman OPEN (7/13) 
MS2 - Whitman OPEN (7/13) 
Robinson Field - Hanson OPEN (7/13) 
SB1 - Whitman OPEN (7/13) 
SB2 - Whitman OPEN (7/13) 
Town Park - Whitman OPEN (7/13) 
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